Yoga Teacher, Retreat Facilitator, Nature Lover


I'm a yoga teacher based in Berlin.

For me, the practice of yoga is a moving meditation. Over the years, my practice has grown to encompass much more than just my time on the mat: it has seeped into every facet of my inner and outer life and has been a catalyst for transformation, leading to a more balanced and peaceful life.

You can learn more about my yoga journey, here.


Currently, you can find me teaching online and outdoors.
Check the schedule for details and booking.

upcoming retreats

Join me later this summer in the beautiful countryside outside Berlin.
A short train ride brings you miles away.



Why not enjoy an early autumn break with yoga at the most beautiful lake in Brandenburg? Stechlinsee will steal a piece of your heart and take your breath away with its magnificence and translucent waters. It is the deepest lake in the region and its crystal clear waters allow for up to eleven meter visibility. Surrounded by forests and other pristine lakes, this special place is a true oasis for a peaceful and relaxing weekend.



Wouldn’t you love to deepen your yoga and meditation practice? How about taking some time to unwind in a quiet, pastoral and historic setting? Allow me to take you there for a moment.

Imagine winding your way through fields of wheat and sunflowers on an old country road and coming upon a lovingly-restored 19th century mill. The fragrance of jasmine from a nearby meadow hangs in the air as you walk through the sunlit courtyard. A gentle breeze brushes against your sun-kissed skin. It’s time to join the afternoon yoga session.

You’re feeling strong, fit and healthy practicing Ashtanga yoga in the morning, spending your day outside, deepening your practice through the afternoon workshops, and drawing your day to a close with restorative yoga and meditation.

If you can picture yourself here, I invite you to join me for an incredible weekend at the historic Breitenteicher Mühle, just an hour north of Berlin.

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